Saturday, November 3, 2007

Obstacle Robot

Basically, the robot needs a micro controller to control the robot.For this robot, it used PIC 16F877A as a controller.It also used driver motor L293B to control motor forward and reverse.For this robot, micro beam sensor was used to sense the obstacle and give the input to PIC16877A.This robot will turn right when its sense the object in front. The controller should be program by C language into PIC. Other sensors that can be used such as infra-red, ultrasonic sensor, GP2D12 IR-Range, and foto-electric sensor . All this sensors also shown in this blog.You can find it..

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EF Mechanic said...

where did u get the chassis from?

caen said...

I create the chassis by my own design..i actually use the 'perspex' from plate number.